Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Japan Travel Blog: Day 4 In Sapporo

Day 4 in Sapporo was spent shopping and eating. My parent wanted to take it easy after the incident at Otaru so we choose to explore nearby....most to shopping malls.

Like any other morning, we start our day with a hearty breakfast. 
Can't go on an empty stomach right? Emoji

First stop we went to Mistukoshi department store, which is only walking distance from our hotel through the underground walkway.

One thing I noticed that when shopping here in Sapporo, most of them will ask if the goods we bought are for ourselves or a gift to someone. Most shops offer free wrappings for gift. Look at this gift bag they put in. Defiantly looks classy when giving this to someone...or to yourself. ^^

After shopping we went down to the basement to check out their supermarket. There's even one floor caters to all pastry and desserts! Emoji

I seriously love how everything look so cute! I find Japanese put a lot of effort in decorating and packaging to attract customers. 

This is one of my favourite counter. Look at the size of the cream puff! Mum bought cream puffs from this counter, which I will show it at the end of this blog. 

We ordered berries juice to share, which includes blueberry, raspberry and strawberry. All the berries goodness in one cup. So so good!

For lunch we went back to the same Japanese restaurant we had on Day 2 at the Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade. Super good and reasonable price. Emoji

We even went back to the same souvenirs shop to get more of the White Lovers (Shiroi Koibito) biscuits. We bought a lot from the shop and the staff helped us to pack it in a box. Don't fret about not having enough space for your suitcase, and this box is solid enough to have it check-in at the airport if you decided not to hand carry. 

My parent went back to the hotel to rest while I continued exploring on my own. I couldn't get enough of shopping and went looking for shops with cute stationary goodies. I'm a sucker for these, I can't seem to get enough of them!

There is one store that I had planned to go if I ever come to Japan, and that is Tokyu Hands. Initially I thought I was lost while looking for this store cause it's a bit further than I've expected. Fortunately it pays off after locating the store. 

This store is a great place to find a slightly unusual and unique Japanese omiyage (souvenir). And you have 7 floors to explore it!

Remember to apply for their discount coupon when you're here. You have to present a foreign passport to be eligible for this discount coupon.  

By the time I left Tokyu Hands the sky was already dark...and it was only 5.30pm! Emoji Walking back to the hotel I stopped by at Odori Park and snapped few photos here. The park look so much prettier when the lights are on. 

Rested a while in the room before we head out to Stella Place Center to look for food. 

It was tough deciding to choose the various restaurant they have here. Eventually it was this restaurant that caught our attention. 

The reason we went dinning at Udon Shinkoku was because we wanted to have udon for dinner. Pretty cosy restaurant.

Shikoku menu; no english menu but there're loads of pictures for you to select. There's one staff who can speak a bit of english. 

We have a wonderful time in this restaurant and the staff here are quite attentive to our needs even though they do not speak english. The food is pretty good and they served generous portion. Pricing wise is reasonable too.

Initially we planned to go to JR Tower Observation Deck T38 after dinner but my parent was not too keen when we need to pay 720 yen each (Approximately RM25) to go up. I was hoping that we could go cause I have read that the view is amazing from the observation deck. If you're here you should defiantly go and check it out. I regretted not going. Emoji

We only left the shopping mall when it's closing time. Wished we could walked a little longer cause there're so much more to see. 

Before heading back to the hotel we bought our train ticket to airport. You can buy the ticket over the counter if you're not sure how to use the ticket machine. 

Back in the room I finally tried the cream puff which my mum bought earlier. I wished my mum have bought more cause it taste sooooooo good! The pastry is thin with all the custard filling, its so yummy and creamy.Emoji 

Mum told me that she wanted to buy the bigger cream puff but dad said not to cause he thought it was too much. Eventually mum bought a box with 4 small cream puffs....and dad ate 2 of it!Emoji  And that wraps up our day 4 in Sapporo. 

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