Sunday, May 22, 2011

24Hr Hydrating Ultra-White Life V-Mask

Few weeks ago I bought this mask from Watsons since there was a promotion, a 20% discount off. What attracted me to purchasing is the packaging and that the main promoter is from the SHE band from Taiwan.

Description: A unique Double V cutting mask gives skin fresh radiance and firming benefit by delivering nutrients and antioxidants to hydrate and protect while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles so your complexion is instantly brighter, fresher, and younger-looking. Use after cleanser.
How to use: Apply mask over facial contours, positioning openings, for eye, mouth and hitch the ears Leave on for 10 minutes, then remove mask. Gently massage remaining essence into skin.
When I remove the mask, there was no drip of the essence. Most masks have that problem and I am glad I don’t have to wipe the floor when removing the mask. I just put on the mask and hook it behind my ears. I love the smell of the rose, but I think it might be too strong for certain people so it is not advisable for those who don’t like the smell.
At the end of it, I must say that my face feel fairer and smoother after using it.  Some mask tends to make your face oilier after a while and I was impressed that this mask did not. Highly recommended to try it out!

My New Place at Choa Chu Kang =)

Finally settled down at my new place. The owner of this place is actually a Malaysian couple. The husband is an interior designer so all the designs are created by him. Impressive! I just love this place and it is so cosy....but a bit pity that it is far away from my workplace. Anyway, just a few photo shot for your viewing. I do hope that the couple don't mind me posting these photos on the web.

The view outside from my room. Peace & quiet since this flat is next to a lake.

 Owner's study/working room and ironing room.

Since the owner is an architect, he had piles of interior design magazine and books to read. Actually interior design is something that I've always been interest, but sadly never have the chance to pursue it. 

Living hall, quite spacious isn't it? 

Cute figurine display around the house. Seems like the owner loves collecting figurine. ^^

 Kitchen and laundry area. Totally love the modern design. 

The entrance way to the living hall.

My personal bathroom, which is next to the kitchen.

You must be wondering where is the photo of my room....that's because my room is still in a messy stage *blush*. I'll post an update once the room is neat and tidy. =p

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PS Cafe a@ Harding Road

2 months back, a few of us decided to check out the PS cafe located at Harding road. We were told that the environment there is nice and off we went for our usual food hunt. This bistro is located at one corner but I think you have no problem locating it.

Entrance of PS Cafe.

Side view of the Entrance.

My friends and I actually took a walk around the area since there were quite a number of shops to look at. If you can't find the place, you can always ask around and you will be directed to this place. lol Best to visit after lunch hour or before dinner, because that is the most busiest time and crowded.

Love the interior design of this cafe. You can choose to sit inside or outside. However, a friend of mine adviced us to sit inside since the last time she sat outside she was almost eaten alive by the mosquito!

Outdoor and Indoor seating.

Anyway, back to the food. We ordered their famous double chocolate blackout $14.90 shocked Do take note that it is quite a big portion so it is wise to share among few friends. (and not forgetting how sinful it is)

Next, Banana Butterscoth @$12.90. 
Yummy, and for those who do not like chocolate.

Lastly, we ordered PS burger @ $28.
 The serving for this plate is huge, so it is advisable to share with friends. =)

Overall, we have a lovely time and the food is just delicious. Although it is kinder pricey, especially for those who is on a budget side, I think it is ok to indulge once in a while. Two thumps up for PS cafe.

Monday, May 9, 2011

I’m Leaving on a Jet plane

Well, not really...actually I am leaving on a couch instead. less than 12 hours I will be taking off to Singapore. Can’t believe that this day will come because it was only less than a month ago that I came back and thinking I'll be staying put in KL to look for a job...but here I am...everything all pack and ready to leave .

I'm not certain what the road take me, and hopefully I'll be able to settle down at my new job and new environment. It will not be the same while I was studying, but one can only be hopeful. Finger cross. :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Traffic Jam in Kuala Lumpur

Seriously, I hate driving in KL, especially when it rains. I guess this is one thing I will not miss when I begin my new job in the lion city. =p

Counting down to my graduation day

At long last, I had finally got a confirmation email on my graduation ceremony. Horray!!! Seems like May 2011 will be a busy month for me. =)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

KiKi by Foong Lye - Taiwan Cuisine in KLCC

Last night I have a small gathering with friends (aka ex-collegues). Decided to try out this new bistro since it was new in KLCC. I guess it was the cat design that caught my attention (Yup, I love cats!). Love the cute design on the menu too.

The place was crowded when we walked in but managed to get a corner seat. Love how they decorate the place. It's quite cozy to have a meal with your friends or family.

While checking out their menu, I was surprised that there are various selection of set meal to choose from. I have a tough time deciding....and I was not alone because my friends have the same problem too. =p

After a while, we finally made our order. While waiting, we have our drinks served to us first. 

Appetizer were served: Sweet Potato Balls.

After a while, our meals were served! Each meal set comes with a soup and side dishes. Each set comes in a reasonable portion so there is no worry that you're not able to finish it.

During the course of our dinner, my friends surprised me with a big paper bag on the table.

I was speechless because the paper bag is from O’Briens, an Irish Sandwich Cafe. But after peeping inside the paper bag, it was actually a belated birthday gift for me. I was really touched, but I was even more surprise when they got me a Kinohimitsu Collagen drinks, which I have been eyeing for some time (I was planning to buy after completing my Lennox Collagen drinks). Not only did I get a present from them, the gals also treat me for dinner too (double joy!).

To me, a present do not need to be expensive; it's the thought that count and the friends that you can shared with on your special day (even though it was belated), which I think it is priceless. To end this, I want to say a Big Thanks to my ‘makan kaki’ and dearest friends. You guys had make my day special.

Lennox Firm Up Collagen Drink Review

When it comes to collagen, you name it, I tried it. When I came across this promotion on Lennox Firmup Collagen Drink at Sasa three weeks ago, I bought it without any hesitation. It cost RM135 for 24 bottles, which I think it is a bargain since a normal box only have 10 bottles and it cost around RM70 (Yesterday I saw the same promotion in Guardian). One bottle contained of 5,000 mg of collagen. For first time user you are required to take 1 bottle a day for consecutive 10 days. After that you can take 1 bottle on alternative day.  

Will I buy this again? The answer is perhaps... if there is a promotion. So far this is the cheapest alternative collagen drink I find in the market because brands like Kinohimistsu is quite pricey for me.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Surprise Goodies from Taiwan - Face Mask

A friend of mine recently went to Taiwan for a holiday and she came back with a bag of goodies for me. 

I just love the masks that she got for me because these masks have ear hooks to put over your ears.

 In addition to the mask she also got me a key chain, which is so cute and unique. A big thanks to my good friend Sharon...muak! You are the best!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lai Lai Casual Dining at NEX @ Serangoon

I was hanging out in a new shopping center called Nex, which is located at Serangoon Mrt (Circle Line). Quite a number of F&B outlet to choose from  and imagine the dilemma my friend and I have to go through to decide which restaurant to try. Eventually, my love for pork and eggs pull me into this restaurant when their poster displays their popular dish. And their cute cow logo was so cute that we decided to give it a try.

My buddy posing with the menu.

  The interior in this restaurant is simple but comfortable. 
Even their paper handkerchief has their cute cow ass logo printed on it.

The restaurant offered varieties of dishes, but their all day set dishes are worth trying it since you can order one main dish, one side dish and a drink. 

Decided to try out the set B, and I just love it....although I find the salt chicken a bit too dry and oily for me.

The next time I went to visit this place, I came again with another friend and we ordered the same set but different side dishes, that is the grilled saba and fried brinjal with pork floss. We love the grilled Saba fish, but we find that the fried brinjal a big disappointment as the brinjal is too dry and oily.

Overall experience I will give it a 4 out of 5 stars. Worth dropping by and give it a try.