Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas Dinner With The Family

Its that time of the year again. Today's Christmas dinner we wanted to have it at home. So mum invited close friend's and family to our place for dinner. 

It's potluck so the guest bought over some of the dishes over. 
Start preparing & setting the table 🔽

To start off, we have the Vege dish....some healthy & some not 😅

Mum's friend baked this vegetarian quish. 
Surprisingly its really good...despite being vegetarian. 

The main dish - Roast chicken & baked ham. Yummy!

And lastly, my favourite potato salad.
I always look forward to this but only get to have this during Christmas day or new year's day. 

All the food out and ready to dig in....but first, one last pic before we attack!

Why is that Christmas day tend to passed by so quickly?!?
Guess have to look forward to next year again.
Merry Christmas 😘

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

KAWS X Sesame Street at Uniqlo Singapore

Just random post while strolling around 313@ Somerset. 
And thats when I came across this!

Yeap, most store was holding their 90th Anniversary for Disney.

Its not about Mickey....but rather it was this that caught my eyes!

Yup...Kaws X Sesame Street Plush Toy. 

Okay, I grew up watching their show so seeing these on display really caught my attention. I really wanted to get these.....but the price tag sort of halted my decision to get it. I guess they're sort of a collection. And after thinking it hard...I didn't get any and just take a picture of these instead. 

I actually like the T-shirt that they have. 
I'm not sure why...but I ended up leaving without getting any >.<

Hopefully these design will come into Malaysia soon. 

I'll end this post with an interesting vending machine of Mickey Mouse t-shirt. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

My Visits to "Minimalism: Space. Light. Object." at National Gallery Singapore

My friend suggested to check out the Minimalism event when I came to Singapore last weekend. Its my first visits to the National Gallery Singapore so I thought why not. 

Tickets price if anyone is interest to check out the exhibition. 

 Got our tickets and took the escalator up to the exhibit. 

Big Breakfast at Botanist @ Neil Road (Singapore)

Whenever I take a trip down to Singapore I'm always on a look out for a nice cafe. My friend suggested 'Botanist' since it was walking distance from the hotel where I stayed.

Front entrance to Botanist. 

Side entrance of the cafe. 

The cafe seating area. The outdoor has some relaxing vibes to it although it was rather warm on a sunny day. The sitting area inside the cafe was reserve so if you would like to sit inside its best to book ahead.

Checking out the brunch and mains. So many choices to choose from but you pretty much guess what we'll be having. 

Self-service so have to place our order at the counter.

Taking some random picture while waiting for our order.

Here comes the Botanist Breakfast. We decided to share among the three of us since we were planning to head somewhere for more food. I find the serving size for this breakfast is way generous...I mean look at the size of this plate! Its all fill up! 

Comparison of my friend's face and the plate. 

I think sharing this breakfast with a friend will be better....so you can order one of their dessert if you're ever decided to come here. 

To end this post, a pic of my friend outside the cafe. Yup, my friend here loves to pose so most of the pictures we took are quite 'interesting' and 'unique'. LOL. Hopefully she won't kill me if she finds out that I pose her pic here on my blog post (but at least I didn't show her face here). 

The Botanist
Address: 74 Neil Road Singapore 088839
Opening Hours: 

Monday to Sat: 9am – 10pm 
Sunday: 9am – 6pm (Sun)

Monday, December 17, 2018

Bubble Tea at Chinatown Point: Ten Ren Tea vs Tiger Sugar

My friend told me that there was a new bubble tea store called 'Tiger Sugar' and recommended to try their Brown Sugar Milk Tea. The hotel where I was staying was near Chinatown Point at the time (pretty convenient for me to go about in Singapore)

And it turn out Tiger Sugar has one branch at Chinatown Point....talk about luck! 
However when I went over in the evening there was a long queue (no kidding)

I'm someone who don't have the patient to queue (especially if its more than half an hour) so I left. I had passed by Ten Ren Tea earlier and thought why not head over there instead.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Late Night Supper at Martin Zwerts Singapore @ Holland Village

My visits to Singapore recently have been nothing but food, food and more food adventure (less shopping this round). So its no surprise my friend decided to bring me all the way to Holland Village for supper.  Thanks to google map we found ourselves at 'Martin Zwerts'.

Honestly my trip to Singapore I don't have to worry finding what to eat because my friend who is a foodie herself, she'll find the most interesting place to bring me (even if its a first timer for her).

I left the ordering to my friends since I wasn't sure what I want from the menu. 

Since its our supper they ordered fries and meat ball. 

We waited a while before collecting the food from the counter. I have always love meat balls so I was pretty happy when my friend order these. It was pretty good eating on its own. 

Personally I have always prefer thick french fries so it was quite a treat for me. Although it was kinda dry and salty but the sauce make up for it :)

And when I thought that was the end of it, my friend decided to order additional chicken drumstick. And boy oh boy, they taste so good when dipped with the sauce. Yup...at the back of my mind I feel pretty guilty eating these but then I thought to myself...eat first....think about it tomorrow. LOL!

I rarely go to Holland Village but I was told there're quite a number of cafes around so if you're ever come here, plan few places to go when you're here. I can foresee myself coming back here again :)

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Waffles & Ice Cream @ Sunday Folks (Singapore)

One thing comes to my mind whenever I'm in Singapore....where to eat ah?!? I'm not really a dessert person but my friend suggested this place which serves good waffles and ice cream. So here I am at Sunday Folks when my friend guide me to the cafe. 

Taking a peak inside, the cafe looks pretty cozy.

And it's pretty spacious too. 

So many desserts to choose from while browsing their menu. 
Their waffles looks pretty good. 

Their cakes look pretty tempting and I ended up ordering one of the cake from their counter. 

Since we're here we decided to have the waffles with roasted pistachio with ice-cream. We came early before 7pm (it was the weekends) so we didn't have to wait too long (my friend said it can take more than 20 minutes if the place is full)

We also have the Japanese Matcha Chiffon with White Chocolate.

I have to say that their waffles and cakes at Sunday Folks here taste pretty good. 
(As well Instagram worthy shot too)

I was told that Holland Village have quite a numerous cafe that are worth visiting (one of them is Sunday Folks)

Worth checking out when I return back to Singapore for my next visit =)

Sunday Folks
44 Jalan Merah Saga,

Chip Bee Gardens #01-52, 
Singapore 278116
Tel: +65 6479 9166
Opening hours: 
Tuesday to Thursday: 1pm – 10pm
Friday to Sunday: 12pm – 10pm
Closed on Mondays