Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Hotel Review (2019): Hotel G Singapore - Single Room

On a recent trip to Singapore I stayed at Hotel G for 5 nights. 
It's my second time staying here, the first was back in 2018. 

I wanted to stay in a familiar surrounding and my last stay here was pretty good so I decided to stay here again. The hotel is only a few minute's walk to Bencoolen MRT and there's a bus stop nearby. The only difference is that I stayed in a single room this round, as compared to 'Good Room Queen' previously.

In my opinion, the design of the single room is perfect for one person. 

The space in the room is sufficient, even for someone with a large suitcase.

Everything you need in the room....TV, complimentary wifi, electronic safe, hairdryer, tea and coffee making facilities. The only thing that is not available in the room is a fridge.

Receiving Postcards from New Country

Today I received a beautiful postcard from Turkey. Turn out my friend remembers whenever she visits a new country. It's always nice receiving them because although they're far away but they still think of you. To me, postcards are the best souvenirs (for me, not sure about others).

I used to buy postcards whenever I go to a new country but now I prefer receiving them. I get excited when I received postcards/letters from the mailbox. Sadly, it's pretty rare receiving them in this digital age 😔

Monday, October 14, 2019

Lunch Special at "The Barn" @ Mid Valley Megamall

Last week I went to 'The Barn' in Mid Valley for lunch. 

The restaurant was quite empty when we came here on a weekday. 

Love the vibes & atmosphere in this restaurant.
I'm certain that the place is busy during the weekends and at night.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Japanese Cuisine at Harumi 23 @ Plaza Arkadia (Desa Park City)

A friend suggested Japanese cuisine for a change instead of our usual western big breakfast. I was up for it since my friend offered to pick me up and head over to Harumi 23 at Desa Park City.

I called the restaurant to book a reservation since we came on a weekend.  
There were available seats when we came on a Saturday for lunch (around 1pm)

Click the picture for a larger image of the menu. 

A variety of drinks but we only have green tea since we wanted to make room for more food 😁

I think we went overboard with the order for 2 people 😅

The first dish to be served is the Mentai Tamago (RM12). It looks simple but tastes so good. It reminds me of the egg omelet I had at the Tsujiki fish market in Japan. I would love to have this with rice if we didn't order too many dishes. 

Crispy Salmon Skin Salada (RM26). 
The salad comes with sesame dressing. 
The salmon skin is okay although it's not as crispy as I wanted it to be. 

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Relaxing with MUJI Aroma Diffuser

I bought this Aroma Diffuser pack in Tokyo back in late April this year. Although I could get this at my local Muji shop back home, I decided to grab this while I was in Japan because it was cheaper after price comparison (no tax if you purchase above 5000 yen)

The pack comes with 2 essential oil: Lavender & Sweet Orange. I love the scent of Lavender but not too much on the orange. Since I got this pack from Japan, the plug is made specifically for Japan. It's fine since I have an adapter for it 😁 

I used the Lavender oil quite consistently that I had to restock the essential oil every few weeks from my local Muji shop. Rather than the 10ml bottle, I decided to get the 30ml instead. Just this bottle alone it cost over RM100 😅 

After using this aroma diffuser for several months now (with the Lavender essential oil), I got to say it does help to promote relaxation and reduce my anxiety. I've been using this diffuser as part of my nighttime routine ever since. I may consider getting their portable version for my travel when I'm away for more than a week 😊  

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Coffee & Tiramisu Cake at Alexis Bistro @ The Gardens Mall

I often passed by Alexis whenever I walk around at The Gardens Mall. 
I used to dine at Bangsar but this round I'm here for their dessert. 

It's my first visit here and the ambiance is pretty cozy despite the restaurant was full. 
Alexis offers an extensive menu of local as well as international flavors.

They offer set lunch if you here between 11am to 3pm.

Alexis is well known for its dessert, especially their Tiramisu & Cheesecake. We only ordered 1 Tiramisu cake to share. I personally love the crunchy topping on the cake, one of the best Tiramisu cake I've ever had. 

Got to enjoy the cake with a cup of coffee 😀

Would have loved to have another cake but we were too full from our heavy meal earlier. 

The total bill for 1 cake & 2 coffee 🔽 
Got to admit it's a bit pricey after adding the service charge 😅

Overall the service here is excellent and the cake is delicious!  
I would definitely come back again for their dessert 😁

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Coffee Break at All Day by Union Roastery @ 3 Damansara Mall

Whenever I go out I need to have a cup of coffee, regardless if I had my coffee at home.

Came to 3 Damansara Mall on a weekday and the cafe was slightly packed after 4pm. I've observed most guests are groups of office workers or people working on their laptops (there are seats with power outlets).

If you're here between 2 to 6pm you can get their all-day Yum Cha set.
Not sure if this applies on weekends though. 

You can choose the Pastry or cakes of your choice from the counter. 

Click on the picture below for a larger image. 
Didn't know that there's an all-day big breakfast here. 

After ordering our drinks, I went and took a few pictures of the surroundings. From the pictures you can see that the cafe has a nice ambience and spacious layout for a group gathering.

Whoa la...Vanilla Latte is served. 

My companion has a glass of orange juice since she wasn't keen of coffee/tea.

Nice quiet place to hang out for an afternoon tea 😄
Can consider bringing my laptop and have my work done here.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Sushi Tei @ 3 Damansara Shopping Mall

Got together with a friend at Sushi Tei for lunch. 
Noted on weekdays the crowds are lesser as compared to weekends.

And there's lunch set which is exclusive only on weekdays. 
Click on the picture below for a larger image. 

Their dessert menu looks tempting 😍

'Soft Shell Carb Maki' (RM15.40) is a must when I'm here...

....followed by 'Golden Roll' - King Prawn sushi roll topped with mango (RM15.85 for Small).

Chuka Kurage (RM4.90).