Thursday, April 18, 2013

Before You Travel: Things To Do & Bring To Korea

1. Research, Research & More Research

For those who is planning to travel to Korea, make sure you do loads of homework (research) before travelling. Trust me, it's loads of work but it will make your trip easier and smoothly. Most of the information I've obtained can easily be accessed via online and friend's recommendation whom had been to Korea. You just need to spare some time to do your homework. 

2, Booked Your Stay in Advance

If you have booked your air-ticket way earlier, please booked the hostel/guesthouse way advance. Some of the guesthouse which is reputable will be fully booked (even though I wanted to booked few of hostel recommended by friends 2 to 3 months earlier before the trip). Some booking only required you to put down a small percentage of deposit (or no deposit at all), such as I find this website useful and you can compare prices with other guesthouse. If you ever decide to cancel your stay, just make sure you cancelled it within a period of time (1 or 2 weeks before) and there will be no charges. ^^

3. Print Out Addresses or Places in KOREAN

As most Korean do not speak English, it's important to print out addresses in 'KOREAN' because most local taxi driver do not understand English, which we have come to known. Thankfully, most of the time we traveled via subway so we do not have any issue, except when we were in Jeju Island. If you ever stay in a guesthouse, always bring the name card of the guesthouse you stayed because it will become handy when you need to take a cab back. 

4. International Adapter

If you have a smartphone/camera which required charging, remember to bring your international adapter. I've forgotten to bring mine but fortunately for me, two of the guesthouse we stayed provided us an adapted during our stay (free of charge). It's really handy to bring it with you so that you do not need to share it with others, as what we have experienced for our first night in Korea. Imagine four gals wanting to charge their handphone and camera battery at the same time. (0.o)

5. Medication/Supplement

Lastly, the most important things to bring in this trip is non other than your medication and supplements. Trust me, you'll need it because you'll never know you may catch a flu (which I really hate when I'm travelling).  Getting sick oversea is an expensive affair. Fortunately for us, all of us bought our own medication because all of us have gotten sick this trip (including myself) as the weather was a bit too cold for us (although it was spring). I guess partly it was due to our excessive walking and lack of sleep, which we have accumulated  during this trip (T.T) 

I think that's pretty much sum it up. It seems I am sounding more like my mum =p Do look out for my update on my Korea Trip. I still have loads of photo to edit before I put it up.