Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Singapore City Sights - Merlion Park

Seriously, after countless time visits to Singapore, I have never been to Merlion Park. Finally, after a year in Singapore I decided to go to Merlion Park for a small getaway.

The atmosphere there is defiantly awesome, with Marina Bay, Singapore river, the flyer and the Merlion statue at sight for a lovely photo shoots. The night scene is actually beautiful, compared to the morning/noon. It is not surprise that many tourist and Singaporean alike love to come here to have their photo shot taken. I saw at least 5 couples nearby having their wedding photos taken nearby.

Anyway, it is nice to walk around the area as there are many interesting buildings to see, other than shopping. So for those who are on a budget, you can always come here to have a walk and enjoy the night scenery in Singapore. And remember to wear your shoes or flip flops because it requires a lot of walking. A great getaway for couples, families and tourist alike.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cheap Ice- Cream on a Hot Summer Day in Singapore

Lately the weather in Singapore has been super hot...and it's making me drowsy and tired. The only time I will step out of the house is when I need to hunt for food or hanging out in the mall to enjoy the cool air (air cond). With this hot weather, it's not surprise that I have been craving for ice-cream! Most of the time I will go to the nearest McD to order one waffle cone vanilla ice cream, which cost a buck. But there are times when I’m at Orchard Road or near Ang Mo Kio Hub, I will look out for this!

Yup, for a buck you will get yourself a big piece of ice cream and stuff it with bread or waffle biscuits. In this case, I prefer waffle biscuits since I find it unusual stuffing it with bread. It is quite a big portion but a big eater like me I can finish it within minutes!

There are varieties of favours to choose from, but usually by the evening most of the favours are not available anymore. So if you gals ever head down to Singapore or come across this, give it a try, its really worth trying it out.