Saturday, February 29, 2020

Double Birthday Celebration at Home

Celebrate an early birthday with 2 special people in my pa and my cousin  =) 

Have a simple dinner at home with the family. Didn't go out to eat due to covid-19 going around so mum wanted to have dinner at home instead. Bought a birthday cake at the last minute so the cake wasn't perfect 😅 

Wishing both my dad and cousin a happy and healthy year ahead 😊

Saturday, February 15, 2020

No Spend Month for January 2020

Last month I was able to keep track of my spending and did not splurge on anything.....other than essentials such as medication, groceries, and toiletries. 

I was hoping that I can do the same for this month (February) but ended up buying clothes (RM10 per piece which was a bargain).

I only bought 3 T-shirts since it's been ages since I last bought new clothes (I also ended up giving 1 to my mum) 😅 

I'm trying to cut down on my spending expenses and not to spend on unnecessary things. At the same time, I hope I'll be able to clear off some of the things that I don't use so that I can make space in my room. Finger cross!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day....Just Another Day

While most people spend their Valentine's day with their loved one, today is just like any other day for me (especially if you're single). Anyway, I came across this picture on Facebook and just wanted to share this pic on my blog post. If I have my other half, this will be the best present ever (LOL). Practical and the best. 

However, with the coronavirus at this moment, I think the following is better too. My friend forwards this picture to wish me Happy Valentine's day with this picture 😂 I wouldn't mind getting this because it's so hard to get any surgical face mask nowadays. 

Anyway, wishing everyone a safe and Happy Valentine's day. Wear a mask wherever necessary.