Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Desserts from Emicakes @ Causeway Point (Woodlands)

I’m not really into desserts but when I was walking pass this shop “Emicakes” which was displaying all the colourful mini desserts at Causeway Point (Woodlands), I thought I might give my parent and myself a mini treat after our dinner.

Each mini item was selling for $2 each and you will get an additional item for free (only for $2 items) if I purchase 3 items.  In the end, got 3 Mini Delights which are ‘Durian’ (My all time favourite), Strawberry Cheese, and Tiramisu Delight.  As for the free item, we got an eggless cube orea choc cake. ^^
I must say that not only they are not too sweet but they are delicious. Will defiantly be going back for more. You can check out their websites at Emicakes.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Singapore Botanic Gardens

With the new opening of the circle line, you can now take the MRT to 'Botanic Garden'. =)
My friends and I decided to take a stroll at Botanic Gardens last weekend.
Lovely place to hang out with families and friends.
Thought of sharing some of the pics we took while we were there.
Hope you guys like it ^^
 It rained earlier, so it was nice to walk around.

Gotten ourselves a drink from the vending machine and have a stroll around.
Ordered a plate of french fries for our snack at one of the cafe. 
Quite a big portion for 3 pax.
 The only charge at the Singapore Botanic Garden is the National Orchid Garden which costs $5. 
Decided to skip this and instead we visited their gallery. =p

 My cute friends here love to pose infront of the camera.
 Highlight of the day!

It's a nice stroll and you can spent half a day just taking in the nice scenery.
Defiantly a great day to hang out with friends and family.