Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Travel Blog: Korea Here We Come

In few days I'll be off to Korea. It's a trip that I have been looking forward to since my last trip with the gals (September 2012). Sadly, this round there will only be 4 gals, instead of our usual gang.

Nevertheless, I'm really excited and looking forward to this trip because there's a chance that we may get the chance to see cherry blossom!!! #Dancing to Paru Paru Sakura#

As always, all bookings including air-tickets to Jeju Island, accommodation and itinerary were all taken care by me #Proud of myself & patting my back# 

Hopefully the gals will approve with all the itinerary planned for this trip cause it took up a lot of my time to do all these research. It seems lately that all holidays trips are all planned by me...wished my friends would give some suggestion or help out with the itinerary #Hinting#. Looking at it....I think I should charge them commission #evil grin#.

Anyway, as you can see, I'm all packed and ready for my vacation. Looking at all my bags, one would think that I just came back from my trip!

The most important things to bring in this trip are: good old camera, tripod, passport, credit cards, cash (loads of them) and "can't live without" Iphone. (^__^) Actually, there is more to that but I'm just naming a few here (Do not forget medication, umbrella, raincoat, sunglasses, chargers and etc).

By the way, I'm a millionaire overnight!!! Actually....one million won is more like it. Oh well, one can only day dream right? #Shiok Sendiri#

What I'm really looking forward to this trip is non-stop shopping, eating, sightseeing, shopping and more eating. Hmm....hopefully I'll be able shed some weight since we'll be walking a lot in this trip. Btw....did I mentioned that shopping in Korea opens till 5am?!? @_@ 

Anyway, do look out for my update after my Korea trip. #CountingDown#

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Singapore Eat Out: Dulcet & Studio @ Liang Court

A while ago, I took a short break to visit my buddy in Singapore. I was there for a night so my time in Singapore was short. It was close to 5 pm by the time everything was settled with the hotel. Thinking that I will be late, I left the hotel in a hurry since my appointment with the gals were at 6 pm.

Arriving at the destination, I realized I was early so I took a stroll around. It's amazing how time flies when I used to come to Clarke Quay every fortnightly while I was working in Singapore but never really take the time to stroll around.

By the time the gals arrived....my tummy was growling for food. Since all of us were hungry, we decided to head straight to the cafe, which was 10 to 15 minutes walk from Clarke Quay station.

The place that my friend took us to is a cafe/restaurant called Dulcet & Studio. It is actually situated in a shopping mall called Liang Court. I was told that this place is a Japanese and Western Fusion Cafe. I find that ambiance of this place is really pleasant and cozy, defiantly a great place to unwind and relax. :)

After we were seated, it actually took us more than 20 minutes to decide what to order because we were busy chatting away and deciding what to order from the Menu. Everything seems to be nice and from the picture everything looks delicious. By the way, this is a self service cafe so we don't have to worry about the waiter coming over to ask us are we ready with our order. 

What we ordered will surprise a lot of people...or to any guys that matter based on the number of dishes we ordered....and all these dishes are for 3 gals! (By the way, my 2 gal friends are petite size...but they sure have one big healthy appetite like me (how I envy them with their small petite size figure).

Anyway, to start off with, our drinks were served. *Cheers*

Next, the soup was served, which is part of the set that we have ordered. Don't be fooled by this picture, this soup bowl is quite small, it is actually for one small serving for 1 person.

My friend ordered "Dulcet Special's Seafood Black Ink Tagliolini Pasta". When it was served to us...I was like...what the heck is this?!?! To be honest, the appearance sort of eek me out. However, after taking one bite, I find it is not bad...I won't say it's really nice nor tasty....but I find the taste quite 'unusual'.  My friend however love it and she happily ate up this serving herself.

Bacon & Mushroom Cream Tagliolini Pasta

We ordered the Set of the day. If you would like to know what is the set of the day, you should check out their Facebook page daily. By the way, this set is actually quite a small serving.

Fish & Chip and Chicken Chop

Despite having stuffed ourselves with all the foods, you think we will have enough? No way! We defiantly make room for more desserts! You can't go wrong with Custard Pudding, Chocolate sponge cake with mousse & Cream puff. *Super Sinful but I don't care less....eat now, worry later*

I have to say I'm in love with this place. This cafe is a great place to unwind and relax after a long day. Sadly, when we're enjoying ourselves the most,  the night tend to passed quickly.  In no time, we have to leave since my friends need to work the next day (I was there on Wednesday). Before we bid farewell, we took some memorable & candid shots together....which I'm sharing with you guys. ^^ 

Thank you to Tracy & Nandan for taking the time to meet up with me... even though it was such a short notice. Till we meet again babe....I end this blog with a picture of Clarke Quay at night. ^^