Saturday, May 25, 2019

Tokyo Trip 2019 (Day 1 to Day 3) - Sanrio Puroland, Ueno Park, Meiji Jingu, Happy Pancake, Ichiban Ramen, Disney Store & Henn Na Cafe

This trip has been planned over a year and its finally here! This round I'm traveling with my friend so loads of food adventure ahead. I suggested to my friend to fly via ANA since she has never taken Japan airline before. 

This trip has been a long-awaited holiday for the two of us. We had been talking for years about going on a trip together and can't believe it's finally here. 

We had our drinks at Starbucks since it was early. I guess we were kinda excited about this trip and came way too early to check-in. 

In no time it was time to board our flight.

Beverages were served. Cheers to our trip :)

Thankfully it's a clear sunny day. 

Food and snacks that were served on board๐Ÿ”ฝ 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Chatterbox Kiara 163 @ Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

A while back we when to check out Chatterbox at Kiara 163 Mall. 
 We rarely come here but thought we will try a new place for dinner.

I came here a few months ago and at the time the mall was still new and most of the shops were under renovation.

We didn't make any reservation so we were worried that the restaurant may be full.
Fortunately there were seats before the crowds come in. 
At one glance, the decoration in the restaurant looks pretty modern and chic. 

Even their lights look pretty cool.

Browsing their menu. 
Quite a number of dishes to choose from.  

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Business Registration at Menara SSM @ Sentral (For Social Media Platforms)

For a while I did blogging & YouTube as a side hustle. It never dawn on me that income received from blogging, advertising & other activities performed on social media platforms be subjected to tax. (This is only applicable if you get paid from these platforms). I came to know about this after verification with a tax advisor and the officer from LHDN....which eventually brought me here at Menara SSM @ Sentral one fine day.

Fortunately I was told to come here by Grab because parking at Menara SSM will be difficult due to limitation of parking space (and also after checking the review online).  

If you're registering your business under your name or sole proprietor, you can head to the 14th floor. Company registration is on the 17th floor.

When I arrived I head to counter 12 and was given a piece of paper...a guide to register an account online. Turn out you'll need to register as an ezbiz user before proceeding.  There're staff to assist you if you're not too sure how to go about (there're several computers on the floor).

Once you're done, head back to counter 12 and inform the staff that you had completed the registration online. 

You'll be given a ticket number ⏬

Wait until your number is called so that you can have your ID verified. In the event they're not able to verified your finger print to your ID card, you'll not be able to proceed with the registration. This happened to me after several attempts but thankfully it work out in the end ๐Ÿ˜…

After verification at the counter you'll need to go back to the computer to complete your registration online (why can't do all at once then going back & forth leh?๐Ÿ˜…) At this point you'll need to key in the details of your business and how many years you want to register for your business (minimum one year; maximum 5 years). Once its done,  get a ticket number from counter 12 so that you can make your payment. 

Once you've made your payment your registration is complete. They will send an email to you if your registration successfully went through. The whole process took me an hour at Menara SSM and 1 to 2 working days for the confirmation of my registration via email. It was a quick and easy process for registration under your name. 

While talking to my tax advisor, quite a number of people is not aware that income earned from social media is taxable. I was not aware of this requirement if I have not spoken to the tax advisor who was doing my tax filling. You can read all about it via this article which I found online.