Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lennox Firm Up Plus Collagen Drink

My last review on Lennox Firm Up Collagen Drink was a year ago...and I'm back again for this Collagen Drink. =) For those who are not familiar with Lennox Firm Up Collagen drink, it is a natural & potent beauty essence that is rich in synergistic food-based ingredients like Aqueous Marine Collagen, Co Enzyme Q10 & Vitamins. These natural ingredients work in unison with the Aqueous Marine Collagen, which is 100% water soluble due to its low molecular weight.

This boasts better digestibility and absorption by your body compared to other Conventional Collagen in the market. This enables your body to benefit faster and more effectively, making your skin firmer and more radiant looking.

Took the above photos last Saturday at Guardian. You'll need to buy these two big bottles of Collagen drink to enjoy these offer.  By the way, noticed the different pricing and packaging? You must be thinking why the pricing differed? Continue reading this post and you'll find out.  

If you're a fan of this product, you'll be happy to know that I had found a place where you can get this big bottle of Collagen drink cheaper (slightly) than the one you get from Watsons or Guadian. And you only need to get one big bottle instead of two to enjoy the offer....and you can get it at AA Pharmacy at Lucky Garden, Bangsar.

I was told that the prices of medicines and supplements at this Pharmacy are one of the cheapest in town. So last weekend when mum went there to get her supplement I decided to tag along.  I'm glad I did cause I found Lennox Firm Up + Collage Drink selling here at RM118! (nice number right?) 

There are other collagen drinks available too, such as NH Colla-Plus, Kinohimitsu Collagen drink and etc. Argh, why didn't I come here earlier which can saves me $$$$?!?  #Kicking myself#

Anyway, I bought one big bottle of Lennox Firm Up+ as I felt they are more economical choice for collagen drink as compared to others.  As mentioned earlier on their pricing and packaging, Lennox came out with a new version of collagen drinks called Firm Up Plus. 

If you buy these new big bottle of Collagen drink, you'll find 24 sachets of Antioxidant / Whitening essence (Powder form) inside. The Firm Up Plus requires to pour one sachet into the bottle drink before drinking.

Interesting right? Tell me what do you think of this new version. Will review once I complete all 24 bottles of drink. Can't wait!  =D

Updated: My Review on Lennox Firm Up Plus Collagen Drink

Monday, April 23, 2012

Origins Sample: Plantsciption Angi-aging

Did you gals went to Origins counter to receive these samples?
 As soon as I saw the sticker on the Star Newspaper I know I need to try these out.
My birthday is just around the corner and I'm so freaking out with the wrinkles on my face. =(
I guess it's high time I need to get myself some anti-wrinkles product....and soon!!!!

Here's the sticker label...on my way to the counter.

Just need to fill in my particulars..... sachet each....serum and eye treatment.
Cant wait to try them out. ^^

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Birthday Gift: Sandals from FitFlop

So excited, got my birthday gift from my dear mummy. 
Check this out!

Love them a lot and they're so stylist.
And what more they are super comfy!!!!
I must admit this is the most expensive pair of sandals I have ever owned!
Big thanks to my dear mummy #Happy & excited#. (^0^)

You can check more about their range of item from their websites.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Starbucks Card for Starbucks Fan

For those who love to have drinks at Starbucks, why don't you get your self a starbucks card at the cashier? The card is free and all you need to do is to top up at least RM10 in the card.

Once you have top up the card, go and registered your Starbucks Card at their websites and get a complimentary Grande Size beverage. Weeee.

Ta-da...used my Starucks card and got one beverage and another complimentary drink on the house. Not only that, if you purchased more than 10 beverage using starbucks card you'll get the next one for free! So what are you waiting for....go and get it now. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birthday Gift: Hello Kitty Iphone Cover ^^

Got an early birthday gift from my dear friend. #Excited & Happy#
Thanks to Sharon for my lovely gift. Just what I need.
Counting down to my birthday end of this month. Weeee

Dinner at Dome @ The Garden

Last Sunday, my mum & I was at The Garden. Mum wanted to have dinner at Dome and we headed there after our shopping. ^^ It was only after 7pm when we dropped in at Dome...hungry and tired after all the walking.

The waitress who served us passed the  'Dinner at Dome' Menu and informed us that any meal ordered from this menu will be served either Apple Martini (Alcohol) or Virgin Appletini (non-alcohol). In the end, Mum & I ordered two items from this menu and got ourselves free drinks.

Glad we ordered the non-alcohol drink, this drink is fantastic!
It's actually apple crush, fresh apple and honey blended with ice shavings. Delicious!!!

Mum ordered one bowl of wild mushroom soup. The serving of this soup was big.  We totally love this cause not only it's creamy, the soup have loads of mushroom in it! Mum ordered an additional garlic bread (next pics) to dip the soup with it. It's quite feeling and can be considered as a complete meal. Highly recommended to try the soup and the garlic bread. Dip the garlic bread into the soup and eat. Yummy.

Beef burger. Grilled beef burger with chips. Burger is available with chicken.

Salmon Steak - Grilled salmon served with salad, boiled potatoes and mushroom on the side.

Imagine all of these were consumed by two people. *There goes my diet again*

Overall damage for the meals comes up to RM100. Quite pricey but the food was good.
Planning to go back again...waiting for our next gathering with my buddies. =) 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Storeroom to Work Space To Be?

This is actually an extra room which became our second storeroom in the house. As you can see we have loads of things. My mum also turned this room into drying room for wet clothes.

Prior to this pictures taken, the room was a mess. Some of the things were given away and cleared up when I told my mum I wanted to have my own personal work space.

Now I may not be an interior designer but I would love to make half of this room as my own personal work space and half into store room (after discussing with my mum as she still needs half of the room as her storeroom & drying space). The process of having this space reorganise is already half done. Hopefully I can finish it by the end of this month. Finger cross. =D

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hearty Breakfast at Cafe Barbera, Bangsar

Pick up BFF from her home to drop her at off Bangsar as she'll be heading back to Singapore.
Wanted to catch up with her so what better way to have our brunch at Cafe Barbera.
We decided to come here since it was just 5 minutes drive to her bus station.

It's a nice place to hang out and love the ambience in this building.
*Did not take any photo apart from food since I have been here a couple of time*
 We have hearty brunch and both of us ordered the same thing.
That's what BFF, we eat the same thing and have the same taste. ^^
#Not to mentioned we have the same size too, LOL#
Overall damage was RM60++. #Yikes#
It was quite an expensive brunch but luckily we don't do this often.
However, me and BFF have a great time catching up. =)
Miss ya BFF, hope to catch up with you next month. *Can't wait*

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dinner at Plan B @ Publika, Kuala Lumpur

Another gathering with the gals (^_^).
This round we decided to try this place at Publika, Solaris Dutamas.

What attracted us was the display of vintage type writer *excited*. Check out all those typewriter....still in good condition!

I seriously <3 this vintage typewriter, especially the one on the right hand side. ^^

The view of the their interior indoor.

Outdoor - wooden chairs stuck to the ceiling *creative but scary at the same time*

It was the weekends (Friday night) so it was crowded. We gave them our name for queue and was told to return back after 20 to 30 minutes time. We waited between 30 to 45 minutes before we were seated and menu on the table.

Our Caesar salads arrived within 10 minutes after our order.
Just love with the egg on top, served with fresh salads. 

Next came pasta, Wild Mushroom. My friend said it was not bad. Serving size was moderate.

Next came Char Grilled Cheeseburger. The cheeseburger was slightly dry and the patty was burned at the bottom. However, their onion rings made up for it.

I think the highlight of the day was this dish, Marinara.
 Spaghetti tossed with herby vine-ripened tomato sauce, served with prawns & calamari.
*Great dish but kinder slow waiting to be served*

Karen...the photographer....very serious when comes to photography ^^

My 'Makan' buddies...Chiew Yee & ET (shy gal). =D

Overall, the food are quite good and the pricing are reasonable. Lovely ambiance....but their service are bad. Our request for chilli sauce (4 times) were forgotten....which in the end we got up to get it for ourselves. 

One of our orders were forgotten (we ordered 2 sets of Cheeseburger) and after requesting to check 3 times, none of them came back to inform us on the outcome. We finally got their attention on our fourth attempt when we asked again with our "serious going to be black face" stare, only then they went to the kitchen to check.

And guess what....the order went 'missing'. (=.=). In short, my poor hungry friend have to wait another 15 minutes for her burger to be served. My buddy waited more than an hour before she got her cheeseburger. Not good.

Hopefully the management would look into their service because the foods are quite good. I'll go back another for another round for their desserts but when it's not crowded. Do expect to wait longer during the weekends cause it's crowded in the evening.

Journal By Plan b
Lot No. 65, Level G2, 
Publika, Solaris Dutamas, 
Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Haagen Dazs Ice-Cream @ Bangsar Village II, Kuala Lumpur

On Easter night, we all decided to head out to Bangsar Village II for Dessert after dinner.
What better day to end the night with a sweet dessert other than Ice-cream ^^
Ice-creams were sweet (as always) and delicious.
We all had a blast and have a great night having out desserts.
But it is only once a year to indulge such an expensive desserts.
Guess how much is the total damage for all the ice-creams?

It was RM95 altogether. Yikes!!!!
But if you have HSBC credit card you are entitled to 10% discount.
So overall it cost around RM85 (but still expensive).
If you ever visit Haagen Dazs, you should try out their banana split.
Love the sugar coating on the banana. 
Its lovely (& sinful).  ^_^ 

Teadot at Serangoon NEX

My BFF and I usually order drinks from Starbucks or Coffee Bean and chit chat until wee hours in the morning. Since we were at NEX shopping centre, I suggested we try a new place for a change....teadot.

My friend decided to try 'Ice blended Lavender'...recommended by the cashier.
While me on the other hand decided to order Hot chocolate.
 *God knows what I was thinking when I ordered that (=.=) *

Our drinks served to our table.

I just love this creative choc art on my  hot choc cuppa  ^_^
However, the taste was quite a disappointment (>.<)
Not sure how to describe it but it was quite a let down.
Usually I'll order coffee but since it was late I thought I'll give hot choc a bad.

As for my BFF, she loves her drinks and she happily finish it all by herself.
I took a sip of her drink but I find the taste unusual for me.
Lavender as ice-blended?!? I guess I'll pass. (=.=)""
I think my next visit I'll just stick to coffee and order their cakes as desserts.
I guess different people have different taste bud....agreed?!?