Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lennox Firm Up Plus Collagen Drink

My last review on Lennox Firm Up Collagen Drink was a year ago...and I'm back again for this Collagen Drink. =) For those who are not familiar with Lennox Firm Up Collagen drink, it is a natural & potent beauty essence that is rich in synergistic food-based ingredients like Aqueous Marine Collagen, Co Enzyme Q10 & Vitamins. These natural ingredients work in unison with the Aqueous Marine Collagen, which is 100% water soluble due to its low molecular weight.

This boasts better digestibility and absorption by your body compared to other Conventional Collagen in the market. This enables your body to benefit faster and more effectively, making your skin firmer and more radiant looking.

Took the above photos last Saturday at Guardian. You'll need to buy these two big bottles of Collagen drink to enjoy these offer.  By the way, noticed the different pricing and packaging? You must be thinking why the pricing differed? Continue reading this post and you'll find out.  

If you're a fan of this product, you'll be happy to know that I had found a place where you can get this big bottle of Collagen drink cheaper (slightly) than the one you get from Watsons or Guadian. And you only need to get one big bottle instead of two to enjoy the offer....and you can get it at AA Pharmacy at Lucky Garden, Bangsar.

I was told that the prices of medicines and supplements at this Pharmacy are one of the cheapest in town. So last weekend when mum went there to get her supplement I decided to tag along.  I'm glad I did cause I found Lennox Firm Up + Collage Drink selling here at RM118! (nice number right?) 

There are other collagen drinks available too, such as NH Colla-Plus, Kinohimitsu Collagen drink and etc. Argh, why didn't I come here earlier which can saves me $$$$?!?  #Kicking myself#

Anyway, I bought one big bottle of Lennox Firm Up+ as I felt they are more economical choice for collagen drink as compared to others.  As mentioned earlier on their pricing and packaging, Lennox came out with a new version of collagen drinks called Firm Up Plus. 

If you buy these new big bottle of Collagen drink, you'll find 24 sachets of Antioxidant / Whitening essence (Powder form) inside. The Firm Up Plus requires to pour one sachet into the bottle drink before drinking.

Interesting right? Tell me what do you think of this new version. Will review once I complete all 24 bottles of drink. Can't wait!  =D

Updated: My Review on Lennox Firm Up Plus Collagen Drink


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