Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mini Revamp with Ikea Expedit Shelving (Finally)

Personally, I've always love Ikea furniture. Not only their pricing is reasonable but they are stylish as well. Finally, after more than 4 years moving into my new place, I've finally gotten myself an Ikea Expedit Shelving. I find this shelving to be  practical...and it was high time I have some of my small cabinets replace which by the way it had been with me since I was still schooling in high school @.@

As you can see from the before was a mess...and cluttered. I'm amazed that I've not change it sooner...but then again I was still in Singapore quite a while back...thinking that I would be staying back Singapore..oh well...that will be another story. =p 

 On-Going: Clearing and removing my stuff away.

New Cabinet replaced. ^^'s all done! Doesn't this look much neater and organised. There are boxes and baskets to choose from IKEA to suit your decor...but for now I'll let it be. I just love how this turn out...and I'm loving it!

If you're a big fan of Ikea, you should check out this website: Ikea Hackers. This website will show how some of the IKEA product goes through transformation...or in away modification. Defiantly worth visiting for those who would like to revamp some of their furniture with no or minimum cost, rather than buying a new furniture which cost loads of moo-la! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Price Revised for International Shipment from Yours Truly....POS MALAYSIA

Sellers who run an online business or ship parcels internationally will be shock when they visit their local post office (POS Malaysia) and was informed that the revised rates for International Shipment increased drastically with affect of 15th May (Wednesday).  And what worst, it is a flat rate system for international postage rate! 

Just to give you an idea how much POS Malaysia have REVISED the rates, check out the following booklet that was given to us (=___=)

Imagine sending a small parcel weighing less than 150 grams and was told by the staff that it now cost RM60 (previously it only cost less than RM20). Imagine my stunned expression on my face when the staff informed me of the revised rate....I was like..."WHAT THE HELL"!!!! And mind you, I have yet to include the Registered mail tracking, which by the way it had increased from RM4.10 to RM4.60 for the international registered labels. (=.=)"""