Saturday, June 14, 2014

Oriental Pavilion 大港城酒家 Jaya 33, Petaling Jaya

It's celebration time. What better way to spend father's day and birthday together with your family and love one. This round we celebrated both occasions at Oriental Pavilion in Jaya 33. 

Fortunately my cousin's wife Nancy booked a table few days earlier...cause the places was packed when we arrived (there was a wedding too that night).

Too many dishes to choose from from their menu. Like every Chinese restaurants, they have set menus. We decided to order individual dishes because most of the time we can't finish or overeat when we order the set. 

 Here is my cute niece praying before we eat. 

First dish to be served - Crispy Roast Chicken (RM40 for half chicken). Although it was a bit salty but it was quite tasty. The meat was juicy and the skin was crispy. It was tasty on its own so I didn't bother dipping it in the sauce provided. 

Next came Red Wine Spare Ribs (RM80). We were given a folk and knife to cut the meat just for this dish. The sauce that cooked with the spare ribs were perfect...but we agreed that the meat was a bit tough. The knife and folk came in handy for us to cut it. 

Third dish to be served - Fish Fillet Fried with Spring Onions and Ginger (RM57). Combining fresh fish fillet with spring onions and ginger is absolutely yummy. 

Kai Lang Fried with Garlic (RM36). 
Just simple stir fried with garlic, love the simplicity of this dish. 

Brinjal with Mince Pork (RM36). Just love how aromatic this dish was. I practically ate this on its own but it taste even better when the sauce mixed with the rice. 

Pork Trotter (RM80).  What I love about this that the meat is really tender. Check out the layer of fat on the meat. I know it's kinder sinful but why do they taste so good together? And there's sea cucumber in this dish too. 

The 'birthday noodles'. A must have when celebrating one's birthday. The noodle is really thin, thinner than the Wonton noodles (Wan Tan Mee) that we usually eat. Surprising good!  

Birthday cake for birthday boy ( is more precise). 

Singing birthday song before blowing the candle. 

All in all, the food is really good. The restaurant itself is quite nice, deco is lovely and quite spacious. Staff were friendly and attentive too despite the place was in full swing.  

Oriental Pavilion
Lot P1-04, 1st Floor, Jaya 33,
Jalan Semangat, Section 13,
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03- 7956 9288

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