Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Boracay Trip on Day 2 (2014) - D'Mall & White Sandy Beach

On the second day in Boracay, we woke up to a bright sunny morning outside. We finally get to see the view outside from our room. 

Breakfast is from 6 to 10am so we took a shuttle outside of our villa to the lobby.

Breakfast were plentiful and there were variety of choices to choose from.

After breakfast, we went back to our hotel room to rest before heading off to the resort's private beach for a little R&R. ^^

Once we arrived at the site, we can't help but stare and mesmerised with the beautiful crystal white sand beach. Yup, we were totally blown away with the beauty at this beach. Even their swimming pool here is huge!

And the best thing of all, we practically have the whole beach to ourselves! Time just flew by while we were swimming and taking pictures. We just spent time sitting along the beach admiring the scenery,  and people parasailing from afar at the blue sky. This place is indeed a paradise. 

We headed back to our room for a  shower before taking the shuttle to D'Mall. We wanted to have our lunch so we ended up at 'Hungry Monkey' to try their 'Pork Belly Rice' (P150). Surprisingly this dish is really good. Although it looks kinder plain with only white rice and a small salad on the side, the meat was well grilled and cooked to perfection (no kidding). 

Next we stopped by at Andoks (again) to try out other dishes. The food we have the night before was not bad and pricing wise is really reasonable. Overall, we spent P300 (RM22.80) here, which includes 2 drinks, 2 rice, pork chop & BBQ pork stick. 

After a full meal, what better way to burn off all those calories by taking a stroll at the beach...and stop by for a refreshing shakes at one of the stall nearby. Ordered a cup of Mango shakes to share....only P80 (RM6) per cup. 

You'll find a number of stalls selling shakes such as this, but we tried the one which is in front of 'Beach Bum' sign. It's indeed refreshing. We didn't try the juice at 'Jonah's Fruit Shake & Snack Bar ' which I read how popular and good about the place is. Oh well, the juice we have is pretty good too.  

With our juice on hand, we took a stroll at the beach and just gaze out at awe in front of us. The white beach located at Station 2 have the finest sand and the water across the shore was crystal clear. There is a change in the weather and unlike the weather earlier which was sunny and clear, the weather became windy and gloomy in the late afternoon. There goes our chance of wanting to see the sunset. 

Check out the video below which I recorded while at the beach in Station 2. 
*Don't mind the sound, it was very windy*

I've seen many bloggers posted pictures of 'Boracay' sandcastles on their blog, so I was determine to find a similar sandcastle to pose. When I finally found one I was so excited and started taking pictures....only to find out that tips were required for posing with the sandcastle. It's really up to you how much you want to give them. 

If you want to have your name or any other writing (example such as Lee <3 Jang), you can do so for a small fee.  I saw a family paid P50 (RM3.80) for the young boy to do so. At  least the young boys were earning extra pocket money with the use of their talent.

Last shot before heading off. 

Initially we planned to return on our last day for a scrumptious meal at this restaurant...however we found a place which is even better and cheaper (to be updated soon). 

We explore the place for a little longer before heading back. Believe it or not, rather than trying out new food, we actually ordered a take away at 'Hungry Monkey' (Yup, same food - Pork Belly Rice). 

While waiting for our shuttle, we dropped by at Budget Mart (again) to buy drinks. This is one place that most tourist goes to get their drinks or snacks (including us). 

Yup, our second day was pretty much exploring around D'Mall and beaches. Didn't try out any of the water activities due to the weather becoming too windy. Day 2 is by far the most relaxing day so far for us. LOL. 

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