Monday, May 20, 2013

Price Revised for International Shipment from Yours Truly....POS MALAYSIA

Sellers who run an online business or ship parcels internationally will be shock when they visit their local post office (POS Malaysia) and was informed that the revised rates for International Shipment increased drastically with affect of 15th May (Wednesday).  And what worst, it is a flat rate system for international postage rate! 

Just to give you an idea how much POS Malaysia have REVISED the rates, check out the following booklet that was given to us (=___=)

Imagine sending a small parcel weighing less than 150 grams and was told by the staff that it now cost RM60 (previously it only cost less than RM20). Imagine my stunned expression on my face when the staff informed me of the revised rate....I was like..."WHAT THE HELL"!!!! And mind you, I have yet to include the Registered mail tracking, which by the way it had increased from RM4.10 to RM4.60 for the international registered labels. (=.=)"""

My last visit to the post office was on the 13th of May (Monday) and I was not aware that there was any revised of the rates. The staff informed that they only received the notice on Tuesday (14th May). Well, to keep this short....I can tell you that I was not able to send out all my parcels cause I was short of cash that day. Imaging....bringing RM200 to the post office to send out 5 small parcels ONLY....and I was short of cash! 

I was informed by another online seller that the reason for price increased was due to high fuel prices, which is one of the main factor for their decision.... which by the way I don't buy it (Bullshit is more like it). What really annoys me was that POS Malaysia did not make any announcement earlier. Rather, they just increased the damm price tremendously without any notice (1 day notice does not count...MIND YOU). As a big corporate like POS Malaysia, they should have given the public sufficient time to 'digest' or perhaps revised the rate in moderation rather than hiking up the rates sky high. 

By the way....the booklet which was given to us...there was a quote which says "to enhance customer's experience and create better value".  Seriously?!?!?! I'm loss for words. Enhance? More like Anger or Annoyed the hell out of their customer's experience. Better Value? How is it better value when we are paying excessive flat rate delivery charge?

Just to share the above image which I found online via google. The words say it all!

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